We Offer a Variety of Vehicle Types

Pick-Up Trucks

1/2 ton and 3/4 ton job and road trucks are available. Regular Cab, Extended Cab and Crew Cabs


Worried about getting charged for minor dings and scratches on your rented job trucks, dont be. We don't charge for minor job related blemishes.


12 to 15 passenger vans and shuttles. Job or Road ready.

7 passenger mini vans are also available


Renting from our bus fleet can be very lucrative for many types of companies. Equip-Co provides the best equipment to meet your group or company bus requirements, without drivers. Buses are provided for one month or long term rentals.

Flatbed Trucks

1 ton flatbeds with or without liftgates, 10-12 ft. beds.

Utility Vehicles

2x4 and 4x4

All have Beds, Roofs and Windshields

Diesel Kubotas also available

Golf Carts

Electric or Gas. Beds, Baskets or Extra Seating in back. Equipped with lights and safety equipment to meet plant safety requirements.